Environmental Safeguards

MDO has embraced the environment as the bedrock of its sustainable strategy. We are committed to protecting the environment from all potential risks and threats associated with mining and mineral processing through effective organizational practices and progressive land rehabilitation.

Also, we are keen to implement a zero-harm policy by creating effective proactive plans to manage risks and avoid environmental damage.

Our activities are subject to mining approvals, lease conditions, and licenses issued by the Environment Authority.

Health & Safety

Keeping our workplace healthy, safe, and positive is a top priority at MDO. We are committed to implementing policies and utilizing best practices to constantly provide safe working conditions for our employees.

Our goal is to avoid accidents before happening by identifying and controlling the hazards at the source, investigating safety incidents, sharing learnings, and taking the right actions.

Also, we strive to maximize our robust guidelines in place that require subsidiaries and joint venture partners to eliminate the potential for all workplace injuries and illnesses. This is sought to be achieved through an aggressive focus on unsafe workplace practices and behaviors, supplemented by effective risk management. The Company’s health and safety regulations have been benchmarked to international standards.

Community Engagement

At MDO, we believe that we are part of the community in which we operate and grow. We are committed to strengthening our relationships with local communities by creating new opportunities for growth and partnership by:

  • Offering job opportunities for the local community in projects invested by MDO.
  • Constantly urging our partners to hire local talents as well as source their requirements from local suppliers, and patronize local service providers.

Our People

We strongly believe that our PEOPLE are our most valuable asset. To this end, we are formulating long-term strategic initiatives to support the development of young Omanis and mentor their professional growth well into their careers.

Our objective is to develop a cadre of Omanis with the skills and experience who will be capable of driving our organization's success into the future. That can be achieved through establishing high motivation levels, ensuring a stimulating work environment, and maximizing development opportunities.

Working at MDO gives employees the opportunity to grow and develop professionally and gain valuable experiences in a more productive and positive environment.





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