Pact Signed between Environment Authority & Minerals Development Oman to facilitate the environmental services process.

26 Jan 2023

Minerals Development Oman (MDO) & the Environment Authority (EA) have signed this week a technical cooperation agreement aimed at accelerating and facilitating the environmental services through the established  government services portal for investors.

Th portal will facilitate the procedures for obtaining environmental licenses and inspections to ensure that permits are granted efficiently , in accordance with the regulations.

The agreement was signed by Dr. Abdullah bin Ali al Amri, Chairman of Environment Authority and Nasser bin Saif Al Maqbali, the CEO of MDO.

The program targets a set of procedures for obtaining environmental licenses, including issuing environmental licenses and approvals, evaluating environmental applications and studies after issuing licenses and responding to them within two weeks of receiving the study, reviewing project requirements, conducting periodic inspections to ensure compliance with requirements, and coordinating with the consultant appointed for the project.

In an interview with His Dr. Abdullah bin Ali al Amri, Chairman of Environment Authority, he stated that “This technical cooperation program with MDO falls under the partnership umbrella aimed at consolidating the cooperation in environmental permits and licenses, as well as inspecting institutions and facilities regularly to ensure compliance with Sultanate’s environmental laws and requirements.  Also, This program facilitates obstacles facing national projects in accordance with environmental laws and regulations as it falls within the mandate of the Environment Authority, which is responsible for policies related to the protection and preservation of the environment”.

Nasser Al Maqbali, MDO CEO, said: “This program is part of Minerals Development Oman's commitment to adhere to the highest environmental standards, regulations, systems, and laws in place in the Sultanate, which contributes to enhancing sustainability concepts in mining projects”.

He added: “This program will improve and accelerate the process of obtaining and following up on environmental licenses for the company's projects, establishing a modern and integrated work system between MDOand the Environmental Authority".

It’s worth mentioning that this agreement is for two years, subject to renewal, and it targets fast and efficient process to obtain environmental licenses for the company's projects in accordance with the provisions of the regulation governing the issuance of environmental permits.

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