As part of its continuous efforts to support ICV Minerals Development Oman concludes the first phase of the training program in field of Airborne Geophysical Surveys

13 Oct 2022

Minerals Development Oman has concluded a training program in the field of airborne geophysical surveys, which was organized in conjunction with the Airborne survey project implemented by MDO in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy & Minerals (MEM) for metallic minerals’ exploration.

The program was designed and implemented by the Canadian company Sander Geophysics as a part of its commitment to transfer knowledge in accordance with ICV standards. The training lasted for three weeks at the company's headquarters.

Thirty participants attended this program, including university students and employees from the private and public sectors.

MDO’s CEO, said: “As part of MDO's vision, the program aims to prepare and develop young Omani competencies to be able to lead the mining sector’s growth and achieve sustainable economic & social development”.

He added: “The program included many scientific aspects related to airborne geophysical surveys, such as survey planning, Adjustment and procedures, information quality control, data processing using four geophysical methods including magnetic, electromagnetic, gravity & surveying techniques, in addition to many information related to the science of geophysical surveys”.

On his side, Martin Bates, Geophysicists and Cartography Manager at SGL said: “Sander Geophysics is pleased to have the opportunity to spend time sharing knowledge of airborne geophysical techniques with the members of MDO and the wider community of Earth scientists in Oman. We believe there is a strong benefit to everyone involved in promoting a sense of partnership and mutual understanding between the airborne survey company and those who would use the data for exploration purposes. This ensures the data is used to its maximum potential in the characterization of existing natural resources and in the discovery of new economic deposits”.

Participants expressed interest in the program, emphasizing that it provides an opportunity to learn more about the project, which is a core base for the exploration of metallic ores. Furthermore, it equips specialists, researchers, and workers with the latest technologies used in the field of mineral exploration.

It’s worth mentioning that MDO announced the start of the airborne survey for exploration of metallic minerals, which is conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy & Minerals (MEM) & a number of Government entities in a solid reflection of the recent Government directions aimed at promoting mining sector for effective contribution into the national economic growth.

Minerals Development Oman was established in 2017 with a clear strategic vision to invest in the mining sector in the Sultanate and to increase its contribution to the growth of the economic and social sectors by creating job opportunities and building local competencies, in addition, to supporting small businesses and to develop the in-country value.

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