MDO and InstOG sign an agreement for training and development in Mining.

29 Sep 2022

Minerals Development Oman has signed an agreement with the Oman Institute for Oil and Gas (InstOG) to conduct a training program in mining, in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy and Minerals (MEM), as part of its ongoing efforts to develop Oman's mining sector and improve its capabilities.

The program aims at developing local competencies in mining industry, through a thorough 2 years’ technical programs, tailored to target government and private sector employees who work in mining.

On this occasion, Eng. Nasser bin Saif Al-Maqbali, MDO’s CEO said: “While the Company continues to develop the Sultanate’s mining sector to be one of the most significant economic tributaries, MDO is committed to developing its Omani cadres with various skills and experiences in order to enhance their skills, increase their productivity, and empower them to lead the growth of such promising mining sector”.

He added: "We appreciate this collaboration with MEM and InstOG. We are determine to focus on empowering youth competencies in Mining and contribute to the development of the mining sector, that shall lead to achieving the planned economic growth".

On his side, Eng. Naser bin Nasser Al Siyabi, General Manager of InstOG, said: “The Mining Development Program is considered as an incubating environment for workers in the mining sector. It is intended to develop the competencies working in this sector and is concerned with coordinating with the concerned authorities to improve the quality of work, security and safety of workforces that serve the country in the mining sector”.

He added: “The Oman Institute of Oil and Gas has developed this unique program locally, targeting geologists, mining engineers and the technicians working in the sector. Thanks and appreciations goes to MDO for their commitment and support in developing the training program, and participation of their staff. We hope that the program will be sustainable and provide its workers with the necessary skills and information, which in turn will progress the economic diversification plan in the Country.

The program seeks to develop the participants in a variety of mining fields, including learning the entire mining cycle from exploration to processing, understanding the local and international mining industry, and appreciating contributors to decision-making processes in mining. The program will also focus on key mining concepts and modeling practices.  The program will also focus on key mining concepts and modeling practices. In addition to geology and mine design, students will also learn about mining economics, conduct mining feasibility studies, discuss future of mining, identify HSE issues, and learn how ores can be extracted and processed.

It’s worth mentioning that the training plan will involve nine training modules, each containing 40 training hours, equivalent to five days of training, over a two-year period.

Minerals Development Oman was established in 2017 with a clear strategic vision to invest in the mining sector in the Sultanate and to increase its contribution to the growth of the economic and social sectors by creating job opportunities and building local competencies, in addition, to supporting small businesses and to develop the in-country value.

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