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MDO is focused on offering investment opportunities to those who are interested in exploring Oman’s mining sector. By being a value-added partner, it endeavors to cultivate professional, long-term relationships with its partners. The company reiterates that, as an economically vibrant country, Oman has a dynamic pro-business approach. Its robust and diversifying economy is guided by Oman Vision 2040 – a blueprint for sustainable growth and success.



Ash Shiwaymiyyah Industrial Minerals Project

MDO is developing a world-class industrial mineral estate in Ash Shiwaymiyyah in the Governorate of Dhofar with a concession size of about 1,500 KM2. The project will also have a dedicated deep-sea port for exports as part of the proposed project. Madayen and PDO are establishing an industrial estate in Ash Shiwaymiyyah. This will allow for the development of downstream projects using critical resources from the Ash Shiwaymiyyah project, including cement, clinker, and plasterboard.

Raw Material Gypsum, Limestone and Dolomite
Limestone Quantity and Grade ~1.9B tons, >98% Purity (CaCo3)
Gypsum Quantity and Grade ~960M tons, <94% Purity (CaSo4)
Dolomite Quantity and Grade ~1.3B tons, >19% Purity (MgO)

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Shaleem Project
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